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TUF-S Fasteners are for the secure and easy attachment of HPL or fibre cement panels.

Concealed fastener solution and quick to install.

The SFS TUF-S fastening system.


  • no complex undercut hole necessary –simple standard hole sufficient
  • no special tools to install necessary
  • holes can be drilled even on site
  • quick and easy installation with the GESIPA PowerBird® Pro


  • no overtorquing of the TUF-S
  • high pullout values with the installed thread
  • no unwinding
  • uninstallation via hex head possible

50% Less Installation Time

The TUF-S blind fastener from SFS is superior to previous approaches
to the attachment of HPL or fibre cement cladding panels with regards installation and long-term security.
Installation can be performed quickly and securely by one person, without using special tools. Installation time can also be reduced by up to 50% compared with conventional blind attachments. The TUF-S blind fastener can be removed once if required.

Recommended by leading panel manufacturers and contractors

Designed for use with HPL or fibre cement panels.

1. Pilot drilling in the HPL or fibre cement panel with the 6 mm dia. HSS blind hole drill with depth stop.

2. Position the pre-drilled bracket over the hole in the panel and push through the TUF-S blind fastener.

3. Remove the mandrel completely with the riveting tool GESIPA PowerBird® Pro, use nosepiece 17/36 or 17/40.

Optimum Security

In addition to easy and timesaving installation, the TUF-S is a secure solution. The fastener cannot be over-driven during installation. Due to its radial expansion when the mandrel is removed, the partially cut thread be-comes wedged in the panel material, generating very high pullout values.
Spontaneous slackening due to expansion or vibration is impossible. The sleeve is made of austenitic stainless steel (material DIN 1.4401, grade A4).
Our technical advisers will be pleased to provide you with detailed information. Just give us a call.

6 mm HSS drill bit with depth stop.

Screw gun.

Setting tool GESIPA PowerBird® Pro.

Concealed fixing solutions to compliment rainscreen panels

TU-S for HPL panels

TUC-S for fibre concrete panels

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